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Saturday, September 10, 2016

2 year Blogoversary MASSIVE #Giveaway! Win $60 Worth of Books and Learn About my Blog Statistics

I can't believe it but my blog is turning 2 today! 

Thank you so much to all the viewers, commenters, and followers. I wouldn't still be blogging with such joy if it weren't for you guys!

Let's take a look at the past 2 years:
  • I've reviewed 200+ books
  • Hit 200,000 page views
  • Published nearly 300 posts
  • Written about 500 posts

I've also launched four original features (and countless original posts):

Book Blogging Etiquette, in which I teach newbie bloggers the unwritten rules of blogging. (4 posts)

Book Blogging Tips, in which I let you in on the tips and tricks I use to make blogging easier (45 posts)

You're A Terrible Blogger Because You Don't Post Every Day
Do You Actually Review Unsolicited ARCs?
How I Pick Which Books I Request for Review
Review Copies Are Not Free Books
Dramatic Changes I Made that Ended Up Improving My Blog
No Comments on Book Reviews?
How Often Should You Post per Week?

YA Talk, in which I chat with you guys about all things ya-lit (16 posts)

and of course my latest one and my baby, #DiversityBoost, in which I highlight and boost diverse authors and diverse books!

Here's the announcement Introducing #DiversityBoost: I'll be promoting and boosting #ownvoices and #diverse Authors! 

And the first post! 20 Exciting 2016/17 YA Books by Black Women

These are my most viewed posts:

Requesting Review Copies from Publishers | Book Blogging Tips #1
Recommendation: Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas #1) - Zoraida Córdova: Witches, Latinx, and Demons
Introducing #DiversityBoost: I'll be promoting and boosting #ownvoices and #diverse Authors! | Blog News

...and all thanks to you guys!

So long story short, here's the promised giveaway with lots of options to enter through a lot of different social media platforms.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for sticking around, guys. It means a lot.

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