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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

10 Bookish Things That Make Readers Happy | #BloggerConfessions

Sometimes you just have to make a list of all the bookish delights in the world. 

#10: Converting non-readers
It makes me speechless to hear from someone that usually doesn't read much that they liked a book I told them to read! Such a great feeling.

#9: People asking for book recommendations
:) It makes me so happy to be given this honor. I'd like to thank the academy, my mom, ...

#8: Reading a sequel 3 years late and still remembering the characters
I think we all collectively deserve a medal for this.

#7: That feeling when a love interest gets introduced and you already know they're going going to be your new love
Truly a blessing.

#6: Finding out your favorite author has a new book coming out... in a year
I DON'T CARE I WILL START HYPING THE SECOND I FIND OUT.. and then I will suffer precisely 4.5 breakdowns while realizing that one year is a godawfully long time to have to wait for a book.

#5: Getting to that line in the book that explains the title
It's just like:

#4: Buying a used book and then seeing that it's signed (to someone else)

#3: Coming across a new book store
My favorite thing is just walking around in my neighborhood (where I usually know EVERYTHING) but then seeing that a new book store has opened. AHH

#2: Meeting someone that likes your favorite book
As much as I love discussing books generally, it's even better when I'm talking to someone that is just as obsessed with that one obscure side character from the third sequel to my favorite book who only had two sentences but won my heart.

#1: The smell of a new book
Honestly, there is nothing better than this. I wish my house smelled like new books all the time.

What are some bookish things that make you happy?

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Annoying Things People Say to Readers #BloggerConfessions

Sometimes you just gotta be real with everyone and just tell 'em.

Sorry to you guys who have to keep up with this! 

"I don't have time to read. I don't know how you can read so many books."
Well, but you do have time to keep up with all Game of Thrones episodes. Strange.
If you like doing something and have limited time, make time for the thing.

"Omg, that book is huge! I could never read a book that long. Isn't that getting boring?"
The more book, the more fun.That's because you're weak.

"Don't you think you already have enough books?"
No. There is no such thing as enough books. I'll stop when my whole apartment just consists of books. I'll make furniture out of my books. Watch me.

"Why don't you watch the movie instead?"
Why don't YOU read the book instead?

"Hey, so, you gave me this book to read and I may or may not have thrown it into the fire/got it catastrophically wet/ cut out pages I didn't like" *acts like it's no big deal*
...aaaand you're going on my never-giving-you-anything-ever list. Respect other people's property.

"Haha, why are you crying , it's just a book!"
Hold on... let me just drop this on your head and then say "it's just a book" and "no big deal".

"What are you reading?"
*shows cover* *mumbles something*
"Okay but what is it about! :)"
*looks into the camera*
#get a hint 2k16

"Have you read this insanely popular book where *SPOILER* does *SPOILER* and they all *SPOILER*"
Well, I haven't. But now I don't have to. Thank you.

"*thinks I know all books ever because I read a lot* *gets upset when I haven't read their favorite book*"
I'm flattered that you think I am all-knowing. If you'd like to worship me as your god and savior, please build a shrine and leave offerings on every full moon.

What annoying things have people said to you before?

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

10 Things That Annoy Me About Fellow Readers | #BloggerConfessions

While I love the reading community dearly, there are always some people who make it hard for everyone. 

Whether it's the stranger in the tube who frustrated me by manhandling a library book, or the passionate reader who thinks they have to shout at me until I start liking their favorite book.

Here are 10 things that annoy me about fellow readers:

1) Patronize
The one thing that's so great about books is that there is a book that they'll love for everyone out there. There's no reason to give anyone crap for liking something they don't.

2) Damaging books that don't belong to them
Especially with library books or borrowed books. You can do whatever you want to your own property, but it makes me furious when people write in library books or damage a book I've loaned to them. It's disrespectful and rude and there's no excuse for this behavior.

3) Complaining about how people handle their own property
As long as a book belongs to you, you're allowed to do whatever you want with it. Set it on fire, tear it apart, write in the margins w h a t e v e r. But book snobs will give you crap for exactly that at any chance they get and it's super annoying and classist.

4) Not giving back books
Nothing is worse than me getting excited for my friends to read a book I've given to them. I'm waiting days. Weeks. Months. Still no answer. When I ask about the book, it's usually either "oh I forgot reading it" or "oh yea I read it 4 months ago". Please don't make me ask for my book back.

5) Being mean to people who don't share their opinions/taste
I'll never understand the urge to fight people who don't have the same taste? They're not going to magically change their minds.

6) Considering everything they like high-class literature and everything they don't, inferior
When you read a lot, you know that there is a HUGE difference between popularity and quality. But at the end of the day everyone can like what they want and it shouldn't be any of your business.

7) Rating books that aren't even released yet on Goodreads
Oh my god??? This??? Why??? Ahhh???? Usually it's either 5 stars or 1 star, no inbetween. If you haven't read the book - DON'T RATE IT!  Sure, if you've read an advance copy, you have every right to, but what the everloving hell is it with books that got announced half a second ago already getting rated by the fandom??? Why why why

8) Only reading recent releases
I don't understand this. I genuinely do not. There are SO MANY books out there and even I, a person that always and at all times takes on too many review copies, still read about 60% backlist titles. If you're not a blogger and just read for pleasure, why only the new stuff???

9) Liking what everyone else likes, just because
I have to admit, I do roll my eyes at people who similarly to 8) only list people who have been #1 in the  NYT bestselling section in the last 5 years. Any and every favorite authors list that goes something like Rainbow Rowell, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Marie Lu .... while these authors certainly are talented, HOW is it always this combination on everyone's favorite authors list?!
What did you read before these authors got published? I assume you read books before you found out about them. Or... not??

10) Judging others: You read "shitty" books = you're stupid
The amount of times I've seen usually not very well-read people insult everyone who enjoys 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight, is insane. 

Everyone who must enjoy these books must be stupid, because they're bad books! Everyone who reads smutty historical romance is an idiot! Yes, totally because what you read for pleasure directly tells you someone's IQ. What kinda logic is that? Not the logic of a smart person.

What things are your #BloggerConfessions about other readers?

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

No Comments on Book Reviews? | Book Blogging Tips (#42)

What I've noticed recently is that book reviews generally seem to get less reader interaction in form of comments. 

And I wonder why, because reviews tend to be the one thing I focus most on when I'm checking out a new blog. 

I personally read other blogs mostly for the reviews, but I figured maybe that's not what everyone seems to be interested in.

So I did a little digging, observed my own commenting habits, and tried to find out why people tend to comment less on book reviews than on other posts

1) People like to share their opinion

You'd think this would go towards the "reasons why people comment on reviews" pile, but it doesn't. Not everyone will read or even think about reading the same books as you. While I do follow many, many, and almost exclusively YA book blogs, there are maybe only two people whose tastes mesh very nicely with mine. 

If your readers haven't read the book - they can't share their opinion of it, so no comments on that!

2) Reviews are longer than most other posts

Everyone has their own way of writing reviews, but I noticed that people tend to write too much rather than too little. If I see a brick wall of a review in front of me, I sometimes just close the window and don't read it, even if I was interested in that blogger's opinion in the first place. I usually just zone out after a certain length and just skim the review. If I have skimmed the whole thing, I don't feel comfortable commenting.

3) Formatting is everything - you can lose a lot of readers over this

The only thing that's worse than having a 2500 word review is a poorly formatted 2500 word review. I do know some bloggers who do this only with their reviews but format everything nicely. If you post reviews like these, it's even less likely to get comments. 

Should we just stop writing reviews then? Nobody reads them anyways...

There are so many factors that can impact whether I read a review in the first place and whether I'll comment. Even if there's a perfectly formatted, wonderful short review of a book that I have read by someone that I trust - I don't think this would be a 100% guarantee that I'll comment. And you want to know why? Because I'm scared to disagree. 

Sometimes I don't like a book and I still keep reading reviews of it to see if I'm the only one, but I don't want a fight.

There'll always be books that people like or dislike, and there'll always be people who defend said book to their dying breath. I think maybe that might be the reason why there are usually so few comments on book reviews. People don't necessarily agree and don't want to start a fight. Maybe this, or they just don't read them.

Regardless, I'll still keep writing reviews. Will you?

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Should You Always Stick With the Same Blog Memes? | Book Blogging Tips (#31)

Memes are a big part of book blogging. In order to get your name out there when you first start, memes can be of tremendous help to get new traffic.

But what should you do when you're already an established blogger? Should you play it safe or experiment with your content?

Find what works best for you!

When I first started out blogging, my blog was 99% memes. I only discovered original content when I noticed that I tend to read those post personally with more enthusiasm than meme posts. Great memes to start off are:

There is no recipe as to what memes you should use when you're a newbie blogger, check out a few different ones and maybe change it up in the first few weeks before settling for a bunch of set memes.

Your blog grows with you!

When you're an established blogger you'll notice very quickly how your blog has changed over the years. I only do maybe one or two of the memes that I started doing over the years personally and that's perfectly okay. Some of the memes I started out with aren't even remotely things I'd put on my blog right now. I've been blogging for more than a year now and I don't think I could ever go back to running a blog based on memes. 

For some people the experience might be different, but I guarantee you, your content won't be the same forever.
Accept that your blog and your personal preferences will change and that's okay!

What about the readers?

I don't think that the majority of people that follow you only stay for a certain meme. It's the overall impression that determines for me whether you follow a blog or not. Even if you gained a huge chunk of your followers through a certain meme - always keep the stats and comments in mind.
Analyze what your readers like and maybe even make a poll about it so you can get some decent feedback.

My Opinion: 

Don't feel obligated to stick with doing the same meme for the rest of life. Especially when I started out I felt so much pressure trying to keep up with my memes that it almost made me lose my enthusiasm for blogging.
My philosophy when it comes to blogging is: Do what brings you joy, because the only expectations you have to live up to are your own.

Have you stuck with the same memes during your entire blogging career?

Come back next Thursday for another Book Blogging Tips post!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Things No One Tells You About Book Blogging | Book Blogging Tips (#25)

I had no idea what to expect when I just dove into blogging head-first. I didn't even read other blogs when I first started and just decided to do it my own way.

A lot has changed since then and I'd like to say that my blog has improved since then. Here are some things that really surprised me when I first started blogging.

  • Success won't come overnight: Good content ≠ Readers

No matter what you post, you won't become a successful blogger within six months. There are exceptions to the rule, but don't assume that you're one of those. Readers are earned and that takes time.

  • Queuing WILL save your blog

Honestly, if it wasn't for my well-stacked queue I'd probably have quit already. It's hardly possible to keep posting as much as I do (almost every day/ every other day) without actually planning posts in advance. I use my creative highs to schedule posts in advance. I suggest you make a habit of queuing, too, because it really does help a lot.

  • Themes matter, period.

So many people say it's all about the content, but honestly: there are certain themes that I just can't stand to see anymore. At this point I actually click away when I see an awful blog design, no matter how interesting the posts sound.

  • You will lose motivation

..and that's perfectly normal. Blogging is a full-time job and after months and months of writing posts, you may get tired of it. Don't give up. The big names in the blogging community are the people who never gave up. You can do it.

  • It's a competition - you will get jealous of others

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you shouldn't try to be like other bloggers or try to be as successful as them. I've heard it all, but the truth is I do look left and right and try to improve my blog constantly. The internet changes and so do the habits of the people who visit my blog. 

  • Of course you'll get discouraged to see a blogger that has barely started surpass you with their statistics.
  • Of course you'll get jealous when someone gets an awesome ARC that you didn't get 
  • Of course you'll constantly ask yourself why someone else has more followers, has more commenters, has better statistics
  • Of course you'll try to be more like the people you admire. And eventually plan to be a better blogger than them.
That may sound a little conceited, but it's the truth. Why are you blogging? Because you think your voice matters. When it ends up being unheard it's frustrating and annoying and it will make you question everything you do. 

Don't listen to that little voice that says you're not good enough and you're never going to make it. 

Persistence is the key to success. 

One day people will look up to you and ask themselves why they're not as great as you are. 

What are things that you didn't expect about blogging?
Do you sometimes get jealous of other bloggers?

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Friday, September 11, 2015

How to Scare Potential Readers Away With Your Theme | Book Blogging Tips (#16)

If you're a little like me, your theme is probably the bane of your existence as well.

I'm constantly editing it, never quite getting it right and spend days trying to edit a single thing, but then end up not liking the end result.

You can have the best content in the world, when your theme is terrible, you'll never get the recognition you deserve.

Here are fourteen DON'Ts in regards to your theme.

! CAUTION: Sarcasm ahead ! 

1. Pop-Ups and Ads Wherever You Can.
Yeah, ads are always a great idea if you're looking to earn money with your blog. You should totally start advertising early on, even if you get only a hundred views per month.
The more ads the better. Make sure to remind your readers to subscribe to your email newsletter every five minutes with a pop-up, they'll be very grateful for the reminder.

2. Low Contrast Script and Background
Pastel colors, am I right? How about a beige background with a light pink script? Looks fashionable. Who cares whether you can read the posts, as long as it looks pretty.
Aesthetics over content all the way.

Yes you're a proud member of Team Damon, Team Edward, Team Maxon, Team Ash, Team Stark, Team Patch, The Shadowhunters and so many more! Make sure to add all your fandoms so your readers will know what you love to read about.
Don't forget to add a badge for every tag award you've ever gotten.

4. Avantgarde Themes
There's a reason standard blogging templates are so frowned upon. Show us your graphic designer skills and give us a theme filled with animations and giant pictures. It has to be a challenge for the reader to find your posts, else they aren't worthy of reading them anyways.

5. A LOT of Friendship Buttons
Show off all the friends you made in the blogging world. Don't only put three or four on your site. It's like facebook, the more friends you have, the cooler you are.

6. Sidebar Taller Than You Are
The more widgets the better. It's not cluttered, there are a lot of options for the reader to explore!!

7. List All Authors and Publishers That Support You
It's very important to make sure that you thank all 89 authors and publishers that sent you a review copy. It's even more important when you've been blogging for ten years. You can't miss a single name. Don't put it on an extra page either, it has to be on the front page.

8. Typos + No Proofreading
Were all humans. Typos make you evn more symptaehtic. Prof reading just takes up mroe time. Let's get it all online quiasly. its not liek you can´t undesrtand what I#M typing is it

9. Release Day Widgets. All of Them.
The more, the better. I mean, your readers have to know what you're currently waiting on. Don't let them know in a post. It's all about visualization.

10. Super-slim Themes
The slimmer the better. That's the 2015
look. If your sentences all have to be
shortened and look like haikus now
then you're absolutely doing it right.
Scrolling is a form of exercise as well,
you're doing your readers a favor
They should pay you for that service if
you think about it.

11. Stop Formatting
It's only a waste of time. Don't even use paragraphs. You'll save a lot of time and will be able to dedicate that time to reading more.

12. Did Somebody Say Comic Sans?
You don't know what people are talking about, it's not like you're running a business blog. Comic Sans in bright yellow is a perfectly acceptable font to run a blog in your spare time. Everybody calm down.

13. Animations and Customized Cursors
Come on, who doesn't want those back? Remember how awesome our myspace pages looked? You're aiming for the nostalgic look and it's working. Maybe add some glitter or falling snow while you're at it.

14. Unreadable Colors
Seriously, if they'd take the time and effort to read your posts, they'd be able to. It's not like your writing for the uneducated masses. Your blog posts are important and making a difference so it can't be that hard to highlight them with a right-click if they have problems reading them, jeez.

Always remember: Blogging isn't an exact science.

Even if you have some or most of these things on your blog, who cares? It's still your blog and it has to look pretty to YOU! I'm sure there are a lot of people who think my theme is absolutely terrible. To each their own, my friends.

I hopüe this could help you out a litlle and nyou know now aht not do when you're wiring a blog post Obviously everyone's approaches are different. Team EdwwarD!!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Instant Love and Why it Ruins Everything | YA Talk

Either you don't care or you hate it. At this point, instant love has become a common trope in YA and honestly - it makes me want to cry.

There's no better way to ruin a reading experience for me.

What is instant love?

When two characters barely know each other, yet very quickly proclaim their undying love to each other.

You should think that instant love is only a plot device in novels that aren't really about romance.
In reality though, I've come across way too many instant love relationships in novels exclusively about romance and it's shocking.

You'd think that in a novel that has no other plot than the blossoming of a love between two people, the author would actually make an effort to make it seem realistic. I've encountered more instant love relationships in romance novels than I'd like to admit.

Authors, Why?

You'd think that the journey is the best way about traveling. I guess this doesn't apply to 40% of YA romance writers. Why make the protagonists fall in love instantly? What story do you want to tell if they already fell in love? Why, why, why? Yeah, it's easy and convenient, especially if the romance is only a side plot. I have news for you:


Why I'm so angry

  1. Because it ruins my day every time
  2. Because it makes every other aspect about the book irrelevant, if I think about that book in retrospective all I see is the terrible romance subplot the author was too lazy to develop
  3. Because sometimes there is so much lost potential
  4. Because I didn't sign up for this

When I want to read about romance, I want it all and from the start. I want to know to be able to pinpoint the second the characters fall in love and I want to be able totell exactly what makes them special to the other. The most fun thing about romance novels to me is especially the lead-up to it. I won't care about a relationship unless the beginning is strong and the characters got me hooked individually.
Logically, if that is missing, why would I care? Why would I care about two people that I don't even know? Character building is essential for characer-driven novels, especially for romance.

And yeah, if we're talking about a novel that isn't only about the romance, get out. There is NO justification for a poor instant-love romance side plot in a novel that isn't about that.

What are your thoughts on instant-love in books?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Books About Book Lovers | Top Ten Tuesday

10. The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
Bastian finds a book that draws him into the magical world of Fantastica. The world is in danger and only a human can save it by giving the queen a new name.

9. The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield
In this gothic novel, Margaret Lea is given the task to write the biography of the famous novelist Miss Winter. She hasn't read any of her books before, but one day finds a copy of Miss Winter's collection of thirteen stories. However, there are only twelve stories in the book and Margaret desperately wants to find out what the Thirteenth Tale is about.

8. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
Liesel, a girl whose parents have been taken to a concentration camp during the Second World War, spends her days stealing books.

7. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
Guy Montag is a fireman whose job it is to burn forbidden books, because they are the source of all unhappiness and evil in the world.

5. Matilda - Roald Dahl
This goes without saying.

4. Loving - Katrin Bongard
This is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but featuring a book blogging nerdy heroine!

3. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Again, no description needed.

2. Inkeart - Cornelia Funke
I don't think I need to describe the plot because at this point everyone has heard of it. If you've watched the horrible movie I apologize. The series is brilliant, unique and captivating. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend doing so!

1. The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruis Zafón
Daniel, the son of an antiquarian book lover is in the possession of a novel called The Shadow of the Wind. He absolutely falls in love with it and tries to find out more about the author and his other works. Turns out, someone out there is destroying all of the authors other novels and Daniel is trying to find out why.

What's Your Favorite Novel Featuring a Book-Loving Character?

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