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Saturday, January 14, 2017

8 Blogging Resolutions for 2017 - Things I Vow to Do, and You Should, Too | Book Blogging Tips (#47)

Resolutions are a tricky thing. I usually don't really care for them because they hardly ever are things that I think I can realistically achieve. 

But looking at the development my blog has gone through since launch in september 2014, I noticed that I very much am able to fulfill bookish ones - and that doing this absolutely changes my blog for the better.

Call this a blogging hacks post if you will, disguised as a new year's resolution.

#8: I vow to read more out of my comfort zone.
Doing that is sometimes hard, I get it. But by picking up books you normally wouldn't have, you can sometimes find gems. Would you believe that one of my favorite books ever, LIFE'S THAT WAY by Jim Beaver was one of these? I don't do Non-Fiction, usually. Makes me uncomfortable and I don't really care. But trust me, sometimes it's worth taking a chance on books you're skeptic about.

#7: I vow to read genres I usually dislike. 
If you've been following me for a long time you know that I don't like high fantasy. Never have. But looking at my blog statistics, it's the most reviewed genre. Why? I want to educate myself. Read stuff I don't usually read. Sometimes you can find new favorites like that. This year's genre is Historical Fiction + Historical Fantasy. I'm hoping to make it the most reviewed genre on my blog by 2018.

#6: I vow to give popular books a shot.
You know I'm a hipster when it comes to reading - I don't like reading what's popular and that's not really a desirable characteristic. I'll try to read more popular books in 2017 and push myself.

#5: I vow to read even more diverse books than non-diverse ones.
My reading habits changed for the better since I consciously picked up more diverse books. Just trust me on this one, especially if you have a marginalization, may that be a mental illness, disability, or being a person of color - reading about people like you makes your life better. And even if you aren't marginalized - expand your horizon. It's fun.

#4: I vow to not bother with books that I don't enjoy.
I DNF left and right and you should, too. Don't bother with books that are a chore to go through. Your time is too precious.

#3: I vow to boost the heck out of my reviews of problematic books.
This is a very important thing to do. I know, it feels scary to speak up sometimes, but know that you're protecting marginalized readers, especially teens, by doing that. Sharing is caring.

#2: I vow to stand with bloggers and reviewers who are getting attacked for speaking up.
This goes with the previous point - as much as it is important to speak up about problematic representation, it's also important to protect the people that are doing the talking. We need to have their back, no matter the cost.

#1: I vow to keep on improving, keep on changing.
I think that's the beauty of blogging. That you can look back at all your old content and smile because it reminds you of the person you were when you posted it. Blogging styles change and post formats and ideas and all that do, too. That's a beautiful thing. I hope I'll get some more of that blogging nostalgia looking back at this post a couple years from now.

What are your resolutions blogging-wise for 2017?

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bookish Resolutions For 2016 | Top Ten Tuesday

The only resolutions I'm making for 2016 are bookish. Here's what I plan on doing in 2016:


1. Read more thrillers
For some reason a huge chunk of my TBR is crime and thriller books. I really want to get rid of them.

2. Buy more horror books!
I've always been into the horror genre, but I never really found books that interested me. Now that I've got a huge wishlist full of great horror books, I gotta work on this

3. Read more graphic novels!
I've been wanting to get into them for a while, I'm just not sure where to start.


4. Do more memes again
I feel like the ocassional blogging meme doesn't hurt and I remember quite enjoying a couple of those

5. Keep posting original content
I want my blog to be about 33% reviews 33% original posts and 33% memes. Let's keep this up.

6. Maybe start doing more writing-related content?
I haven't really figured out my niche yet, but lately I've been toying with the idea to make my blog a hybrid between a book and a writing blog. Not sure about this yet, we'll see.

7. Get a proper header + button that people can add
One of the things that bugs me most is this, but I haven't really found the right artist to do this for me and I don't think I'm confident enough in my own art skills to do it myself. Any recommendations?


8. Review more indie books
Even though I have quite the long queue of books to review, I really want to get more into indie titles. I love supporting indie authors and I really want about 20-30% of the books I review to be indie.

9. Update the format of all my old reviews 
I finally found the perfect format for my reviews and I really, really, really should update all my old ones.

10. Request more ARCs
I don't really review ARCs much, unless they're from my favorite authors. I feel like I should really start being more on top of my game with the new releases.

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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